About the Book

Seat at the Table. is an ode to the Black creative faces, voices and forces that shape today’s culture in The Netherlands - and beyond. It’s a celebration of more than 50 creators and curators within the realms of fashion, culture, art, lifestyle, beauty and all that’s in between. A collection of exclusive interviews, bespoke photography and curated portfolio’s. Complimented by its high-end, custom made cover and graphic design, the book is truly a feast for the eyes on every level.

The book tells the stories of 50 movers & shakers like Emmanuel Adjei (creative director Beyoncé), Edson Sabajo (co-founder Patta), Awura Abena Simpe (Cosmopolitan Netherlands), Rushemy Botter (creative director & founder Botter) Marlou Fernanda (visual artist), Ashar Medina (screenwriter Mocro Maffia), Guillaume Philibert (founder Filling Pieces), Ashlee Janelle Danso (fashion editor Linda. meiden), Reverse (music producer), Jefferson Osei (co-founder Daily Paper) and many others…



The interviews

The stories are meant to inspire, motivate and educate. While flashing back to their origin stories, the interviewees share their favorite projects, milestones, the lessons they’ve learned along the way and what they'd like to pass on to the next generation. The interviews are brought to life by their private and professional archives. It's an intimate peek into their careers and personal lives as they reflect on their journeys thus far - and look to the future. 

The photography

Each story begins with a clean and minimal black and white portrait of the interviewee. The portraits convey a stately, almost painting-like aesthetic - like they're works of art. The theme of the photography is a modern iteration and ode to The Harlem Renaissance, with the idea of rebirth and the beginning of a new era at its core.