Friends & Sponsors

This book has been an amazing journey and we were lucky to have some amazing people in our corner, from our friends and family to complete strangers that were excited about the message of this book. It's been a long road and we couldn't have made it without all of your support! We'd like to thank a few people in particular:

To all of you that supported us in the early days through our crowdfunding campaign via the platform Voor de Kunst: your donations were essential! Thanks to all of you, we were able to jumpstart the production of our book. 

To our investor Ryan Babel, thank you for being one of the first people to believe in our project. You immediately understood what we wanted to accomplish and generously backed us. 

We're very thankful to the Diaconate Lutheran Municipality of Amsterdam for your donation and for seeing the importance of the educational element of this book for today's youth. 

To XYZ Studios, thank you for opening your doors to us and graciously letting us use your spaces for the majority of our shoots.

To Everette Taylor, thank you for sponsoring us so generously through your art platform ArtX.

And a very special thank you to our friend Barclay Simmons. Your help has made all the difference. Without you, we wouldn't have been able to finish this project. Your faith in this book and its importance is so special and we're grateful beyond measure for all that you did for us.